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    Visual Artist 

I’m a Freelance Photographer , Filmmaker and
Creative Director With a Background in Social and Cultural Psychology based in Amsterdam, NL.
Under my Visual Art Project No Water For Whales
I Develop and Produce Experimental Films, Food Essays, Documentaries, Commercials and Fashion Films.
I’m also The Co Founder Head Editor of Yuca Magazine, an Independent Biannual Print Publication About Art, Photography, Culture, and Literature.
With my Photography Work I Seek to Capture The Beauty of The Everyday, The Human Questions, The Magic of Landscapes and Imaginary Worlds. It’s a Visual Language Inspired by Cinematography, Surrealism, Architecture and Literature.

Seeking for beauty, open to experiment through different artistic and creative fields, without being afraid of loosing my self and my work in beteewen the limits and boarders of frames and fields, tags and roles .